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Hazard Ky Bluegrass Festival
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    I hope you  all are doing  OK. 
    Anyway I wanted to tell you after a lot of consideration, I have decided to not do the Hazard Bluegrass Festival anymore. With my job as demanding as it is, and my commitment to my band, and my commitment to the Community Center, as well as some health  issues, and most importantly with the lack of help, I think its in my best interest  to let it go. It was a great 9 year run and I was looking forward to doing a 10th year  celebration. But I don’t think I have enough strength mentally or physically to pull it off this year. 
    I  have made some  wonderful friends over the years and  met a lot of great fans and  bands as well. For that I am forever grateful. 
   I will continue to promote Bluegrass Music as much as I possibly can and will help  all the bands and artist anyway that I can.  To me Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music is the best music ever and I will still be working to promote  it every chance I have. 
   I will also continue to work the Sugar Grove Opry and Mountain Coal Music Festival.  I will be  using a lot of the bands that I used in Hazard in these festivals over the years. I will be posting a  link  to that festival soon. 
   Again thanks to all of you for your support and help you have given me  for the past 9 years. Its hard to say goodbye to it. But I feel I must make a  change for my self and for my health. 
  I will be in touch soon, I wanted to let you know so you can make other plans for that weekend.
                                                 Thanks for the wonderful times. 
                                                                   Gary Joseph

For information and directions you can contact us at
Hazard Bluegrass Festival
PO BOX 752
Wooton Ky 41776